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Thermal Imaging

What is Thermal Imaging?
  Thermal Imaging is different than digital cameras in that it can detect temperature rather than light and make pictures. Thermal imagers measure infrared energy and changes the information into corresponding pictures of temperature. Advanced Home Inspections, LLC by using thermal technology, can perform thermography inspections of your house, business, electrical wiring, missing insulation and so much more. Here are just a few images on how Thermal Imaging can benefit you.

  To make it easy to understand: Say you set your thermostat to 74 degrees, Every room then will try to acclimatize to that temperature setting. If you introduce a variable like a water leak, the temperature of the water won't be 74 degrees and will show up as a different color depending on how hot or cold the water is in the effected area. Then its up to a certified thermographer to interoperate what is being displayed on the screen of the thermal imager. 

  On a separate note, the price in the last few years have dropped drastically on thermal imagers and more inspectors are purchasing them for their inspection services. Make sure you hire only a trained thermographer. Someone that is certified. Ask to see their certification like the ones posted below. Simply purchasing an infrared camera doesn't make them trained. Lastly there are minimum resolution standards set forth by the industry. Cheaper camera's don't have that minimum standard resolution. Ask the inspector about their camera. If they can't answer basic questions about their camera, chances are they aren't certified. Call me if you have any questions either on inspections or thermal imaging.     

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